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I warn you: I'm really not that good of a writer, but if you're really wanting to read them, just scroll through my entries until you find one with 'Fic' in the subject line, click on the 'fic' tag and that'll bring up everything I've done. Comments are ALWAYS welcome even on the old entries.

This journal is where you will find my mental meanderings about Alex Krycek, the X-Files, or Nick Lea in general. You will also find memes, and lots and lots of meaningless drivel. And my FANFIC! Which is for the most part romantic X-Files M/K slash.

Beside the love of Nickage, I am a Bible-believing, in awe of God, Christian who is also a straight ally for the GLBT community. Animals make me happy, particularly horses, cats and chickens. I currently have two cats, Koshka and Kitty. I love music, especially Christian worship and praise. Of the secular selection I like alternative rock the most, classical, folk, some blues and jazz, and very little country. I'm addicted to the printed word, preferring the Bible of course, and XF fanfic, but usually only if Krycek is in it. I also enjoy science fiction, spy novels, and mysteries, and have enjoyed a myriad of other topics as well *g*.
A professional horsewoman my whole adult life, a lay off brought me to the fast food industry. I struggle with creeping old age, weight, health issues and trying to read xf slash fanfiction without actually reading the detailed sex when it's not pertinent to the story.
If I had more time, I'd enjoy a couple other fandoms: Doctor Who and Torchwood. But since I don't, so far, I limit myself to watching the shows when I can. Former fandoms were Highlander, Andromeda and War of the Worlds.
On the internet I am/have been known by the following handles: ib_ratstruck, dunnyslady, dunnylad, dunnylad1, Dunny, Bookworm, TheOneHorsewoman, xfilly3, healthier_life and unofficially some people call me ib. My claim to fame was my 'participation' as Officer Dunny in the Sims fic "Slutboy's Ten" over at The Cube.

You are welcome to friend my journal, no need to ask; most of my entries are public. I may even friend you back if your journal is active and interesting. And you never know what makes a journal interesting to me...

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