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Trying to plan my year a bit, but don't know if I'll have the energy.
Now, let's see if this cut works!

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Th-th-th-that's all folks!
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Official update

Okay, I wrote a book of a post, but I'll have to make this short. My cuts aren't working. The last official update was while Mom was still in the nursing home. In a nutshell ...

She went in to gain her strength back and get back on her feet using her walker. She came out unable to stand, walk, dress herself, or transfer herself. Her upper extremity range of motion is extremely limited. She has to duck her head a bit to feed herself. She is totally incontinent. There is just me to take care of her. Bathe, dress, change, transfer, cook for, dole out meds, give insulin injections, and be the usual chauffeur.

I broke my ankle, but since I could weight-bear had to continue working to pay bills, plus I still had to take care of her. Neck pain is back, as is the back, and now hips.

Lousy 10 cent raise at work, but somehow I managed to streamline my work so that I actually get done earlier, so my paychecks are actually LESS than before the raise. Crap.

Computer issues all around. My desktop (XP) won't boot up Windows anymore. My laptop (Vista) does something I can't even describe when I try unsuccessfully to log in to LJ. Mom's notebook (XP) works, but it really lags. I've cleaned up and defragged and eliminated as much extraneous stuff as I could, but no improvement. But at least with the hi-speed internet, I can zoom around the net without waiting a half hour for a page to fully load! Have discovered I hate IE, HATE Chrome, love love Firefox. The version of Firefox on mom's notebook is outdated, but I don't know if it can handle an upgrade.

Miss our cats. Want to get another one or two, but need to rip up the carpet first. But I have too much on my plate to do that right now.

Now that I can POST again (YAY!!), hopefully I'll get back to writing again.

That's all for now. Take care all.
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Hi-speed internet!

Woo-hoo! We are no longer in the dinosaur age! Well, not quite. I can actually log on and post. Mom's notebook is a bit slow. Also am using Firefox instead of IE. And Wi-Fi! Whee! Can do stuff from my room! Or the kitchen! Or the bathroom... not. Not going to post much write now. Was basically just testing if everything was working okay. Am so excited to be back!
Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that the New Year brings you all good health and happiness. Talk to you again soon. Maybe even later today!
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Whoopdee-do, right? Sorry for my absenteeism, folks, but it appears LJ has upgraded itself right out of my ability to post entries. Need Internet Explorer 8 or better, and of our four computers, not one has IE 8 or better. Have dl'd it, but get told that the operating system doesn't support it. So must wait for my computer guy (my brother in-law) to come from Nevada to see what he can do since I am completely clueless. Anyhoo, I am at the public library posting this, and then updating my other two journals so that LJ doesn't go and delete any if I don't get back here anytime soon. I do log on once a month to check my friends page. At least it lets me READ stuff... just can't write stuff.

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Star Trek (no spoilers), etc.

-My memory is gone, I swear! I knew I wanted to go see the new ST movie if I could scrape up the dough, but hadn't seen the first one. Fortunately, they were showing the 2009 movie on TV, so had the opportunity to see it. Sat down, the movie started, and lo and behold, I HAD seen it! But still don't remember seeing it, if you know what I mean. Whatever. I went to see the new movie (isn't that what credit cards are for?), and loved it. I've always been a die-hard Trekker, so was totally surprised at how in love I am with the new Kirk, Spock etc. (Though Chekov's Russian accent still makes me cringe.)
-Slightly more than several years ago, I had one of my molars begin to crumble. Finally, the pain was unbearable and I was forced to go to the dentist to have it pulled. However, he said a portion of the tooth could be saved, so they did a root canal and then rebuilt my tooth. Well, it started aching really bad a couple of days ago. I can feel a sharp edge with my tongue. I think the remaining portion of my actual tooth is crumbling. I just paid for an eye exam and new glasses so that I could pass the DL renewal eye exam (did so with flying colors). Rather, the credit card company paid for it. I CANNOT charge any more on it right now. I just can't! I have to pay off another card before I dare. $600 worth. So I am pumping myself full of way more than the recommended dosage of Tylenol trying to keep the pain at bay. Pray that I can folks!
-Believe it or not, I am almost finished (finally) with the story I had begun for the holiday zine dedicated to Ursula. I hope the Muse's visit wasn't a short one and is still around.
-Enjoying the peace and quiet at home with mom gone. 5 more days after today, she will be returning. Got together with my friend Nancy, and we finally got my big tack trunk and other stuff home from my former work place. Still have tons more to bring home, but at least formerboss knows I have not abandoned it.
-Must get back to work in my garden. The broccoli is doing okay, but I still need to get my romaine and cucumbers in. Bought a few marigolds to plant around the raspberries, so need to do that as soon as I get home (I'm at McD's eating my e-meal, so I can use the Wi-Fi). Guess I'll get this posted.
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Fic: Destiny, and some drivel

Okay, so this is really bad, but it was more or less finished, so what the heck. I was desperately trying to kick-start my Muse a while back (it didn't work obviously) and this was the result that day.

In other news, I got my broccoli planted; mom leaves for Vegas tomorrow which means two whole weeks of peace(!!!); I was late to work today for the first time in the year and 4 and whatever months I've been there, due to a watch malfunction; I got my TAX REFUND which means paying off more debt (YAY!) and maybe a wee bit of splurging; and got my new glasses, which refuse to stay up on my nose where they belong. But I can see! 'Nuff said... on to the fic.

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Rainy April drivel

-Rain, rain, go away. I'm trying to get my garden ready. Got the ground prepared, dug up a few Egyptian Walking onions (yum) that were trying to escape by tunneling under the raised bed frame and had encroached on the yard, then it started to rain and brought it all to a halt. Planning on cukes, romaine lettuce and broccoli this year in addition to the walking onions which never go away. We'll see if it actually gets done.
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Today i had to have my precious Dunkin' euthanized. She was 'fine' earlier in the day. And when I came home from work, was demanding to be fed, as usual. I was lounging in bed watching a Highlander episode and she jumped up on the bed and curled up by my feet. Awhile later I felt her moving around... didn't think anything of it... figured she was changing position. Then she settled down, but a few minutes later I felt her moving around again. Being the couch potato that she is, this sudden activity finally made me sit up and look at her. She was struggling to get up on her feet, but couldn't. I put her up on her feet, and her back end immediately went over again, but she managed to pull her body up toward me. She looked so scared and miserable. I picked her up and cuddled her for a bit, singing 'her' special song to her, then let mom hold her to say her good-byes while I phoned our nearest local vet to see if I could bring her in. It was where I had taken her and Tessa for their initial shots and spaying when I first got them. Twenty years later, they hadn't been back, as anytime I needed anything done I would just take them to the barn when the barn vet was coming. The vet said I could bring her in right away. they actually still had her card! He said they didn't often see twenty year old cats. I stayed with her until the end. They offered to keep her body until I could see whether I could get a grave dug in our semi-frozen ground. The vet was doubtful that I would be able to, but God bless my edger. It not only did the job, it worked much better than the shovel did when I dug Tessa's grave in the summertime! So now I just have to pick her up after work tomorrow so I can bury her next to Tessa. Poor Pixie can't figure out where Dunkin's pee papers went, or why she's not here on my bed, or why Dunkin' is not there to keep her from eating right away. I know mom is taking it hard too.
I miss her so much already. I know it was the right thing to do... any other cat it would have been past time. But she was such a couch potato that she didn't mind not being able to be very active. She was happy right until this afternoon. I thank God for all the years I had with her. I have many, many good memories, and she was worth every bit of the special care she needed in her last years. Ah, the tears are coming again, so I'd best end this while I can still see.
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The Philadelphia Experiment

Minimally spoilery, but spoilery nonetheless...

Due to cable issues resulting in cable to only one of our TVs, I came sooo close to not being able to watch it! Fortunately Mom graciously gave up watching one of her shows to let me use the living room TV for my much needed and long-awaited Nick viewing. So I settled in early with a homemade crustless pizza and Cherry Coke and caught a bit of Laurie Holden (a Nick connection - X-Files!) in the end of The Mist. Found the end just as depressing this time around too. Then finally...The Philadelphia Experiment!

It wasn't as good as it could have been, but better than I expected it to be, given the history of Nick's movies. All seem to have great potential for being great movies, but whether because of writing, direction or the other actors (and in one memorable case, the score), they just seem to come up short (with the exception of Vertical Limit). Often, Nick's fine acting is the only thing making them bearable.

So what didn't I like the most? The fusing of the Eldridge crew members seemed very unrealistic to me. I don't know what I expected, really, but it just seemed so fake. And Bill's shoes being fused... Looking at them, it seems as if part of his actual feet would have been fused as well, but hey, I guess you gotta have the star be able to move around or there wouldn't be a movie would there?
What was the point of his granddaughter's boyfriend even being there? Seriously. (And boy was I ever relieved to find out how Nick's character had a granddaughter in the first place!)

What did I like the most? Well, of course, Nick, Nick and more Nick! A Nick who was in the whole movie. A Nick who had top billing. A Nick who still is as gorgeous as ever (even if he did have a bit of a middle-age spread going on). Oh and a Nick character who DIDN'T end up dying in the end!!!!
The other actors were pretty good. Was surprised Malcolm McDowell's character got killed off so early and that he didn't have a bigger part. But very okay with that or else Nick probably wouldn't have had top billing! *g* The special effects were pretty good too.

After it was over, I tried to stay up to watch Stonehenge Apocalypse because it had Peter Wingfield (a Nick connection - Highlander!) in it, but alas, knew I had to work early in the morning, so went to bed instead.

So what'd you all think?
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