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Could it be?

Was surfing around last night searching for Nick Lea news, and saw that he is listed as being in the new X-Files series. This would be way too awesome, if true.

Still loving my Fire. The freedom of internet surfing wherever I am; e-books; posting to LJ; what's not to love? Unfortunately, it also means super easy access to the list of Amazon deals. One of whose daily deals was the complete series of Burn Notice at a super awesome bargain price. Yep, I bought it even though I had no business doing so. I loved that show, but totally missed the final season. BTW, the Fire does indeed have an asterisk. I downloaded a free copy of Black Beauty as my copy was falling apart and now I can pitch it. Must say it's nice to have a bookmark that can't fall out!

Glad that Under the Dome and The Last Ship are back on. Finally, something to watch on tv.

Well I'd better finish watching my movie. Am watching Hatari! with John Wayne and Red Buttons. Then need to wash my uniform for tomorrow.

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