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Yee Haw!!

In a mere 3 days it will be a whole year since mom left the hospital and went into the nursing home for her 100 day useless stay. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR SINCE SHE HAS BEEN ADMITTED TO A HOSPITAL!!!!!! For the past 3 years, she's been admitted on average 3x/yr. And each stay averaged nearly two weeks. Just saw the doctor today and again he's said she is doing great (other than the mobility issues), and to keep on doing whatever we're doing. I may be depressed with my no-life resulting from having to care for her, but I am THRILLED.

Weather has been decent the past few days. Most of the snow has melted. Though there was some snow plow mound left which I had to kick down to get mom's wheelchair into the side yard and down the bank. We never did put in a proper front walkway. The relatives were doing so much already, that we decided to save the expense since even with the walkway to the road, I'd still have to bring her back via the side road and across the yard, because of the curb out front.

I keep beating my head against the brick wall by continually trying to get my laptop to function. IE goes nuts, Chrome crashes, and it doesn't have Firefox installed. I keep wondering if it would work properly with Firefox. What browser do you all use? Just curious.

You ever have those days when you look back at everything you've written and find out you used the wrong word for things in practically everything? You know, like using write for right as I did in my recent post ::headdesk:: . I mean, it's not like I don't know the difference. It's weird how the brain can know what one is saying, but the fingers type whatever the hell they want.

I think I forgot to mention Tiny House Nation as something mom and I are watching. I think I could easily live in a tiny house if it weren't for my books. How about you?

Must be off to bed. For once I don't have any laundry to do. Though there are dishes ... but they can wait, can't they?
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