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It's really been over a year? Good gosh! Don't know who is still around here, but I hope you had a great Christmas and that the New Year is so far treating you right.
I came here because I have had a couple dreams with Nick Lea in it. The first was a few weeks ago and my brain is so fried I can't remember if he was Krycek in it! The second was this morning. Mom called me in the middle of it. It was memorable only because Krycek and Scully were fighting, physically, and every time Krycek would try to get in a punch, or grab her, whatever, she'd sock him one! Weird. Wish I knew how that turned out.
Nothing new in my neck of the woods. Still taking care of mom. Getting harder and harder. Still have no help. Sometimes takes two tries to lift her for transfers. PT says a lift would not be able to be used in our house unless we put moms bed in the living room, because the hall is too narrow and it wouldn't be able to make the turn. The living room is really, really small. So I guess I'm still stuck. There is a smaller lift out there which is super expensive compared to Hoyer lifts, but no way we could swing that. She had a valvuloplasty to temporarily improve her heart function. But she had to be immobile for so long during recovery it exacerbated her arthritis in her neck, and she was unable to participate in PT for several weeks. She lost every bit of strength she'd gained. She's supposed to be getting stronger so she can have a TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement). She's currently considered too fragile.
I'm exhausted. Never get more than 2 hours of sleep at night anymore, so spend all my waking hours trying to sleep. Usually unsuccessfully. I don't work with the public at work, but have actually been stopped by customer while heading to/from bathroom break asking what are they making me do in that kitchen to make me so exhausted. My eyes are so red from fatigue. But I will keep on until I can't do it anymore.
Cats are good. They adore both of us and come join us for diaper changing sessions. They are also excellent shield bug hunters. They point them out. I kill 'em! And speaking od shield bugs (also known as stink bugs), we've had them since late fall of 2013, yet this is the first year they have been 'stinking' when disturbed. pu.
What else? Not reading much. Barely one page and I fall asleep and drop book/tablet onto my face. Ouch. Watching DVDs since I don't have tv service at this end of the house. Trying DirecTV Now. Signed up for their now expired deal of their 3-tier package for $35/month. In the trial period right now. Not sure yet. Channel line up is fantastic, but have had a tidy bit of buffering. Yet at other times none at all. Plus they keep making me sign in every couple hours. Maybe that's just during the trial. Dunno. Really want to cut down on moms cable package to the bare minimum. They raised rates yet again. She can't really afford it anymore.
Rewatching the new X-Files series. Enjoying it much more than the first viewing.
Well, I guess that's all the drivel I can think of. Take care everyone! I sure do miss you all. And the old days.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As much as I moan and bitch, I DO have much to be thankful for. As usual, I have to work tomorrow, so will be having the pig-out on Friday instead. Or should I say, the mini pig-out, since I'm the one that has to cook now... :D


I really thought it was going to happen. I really did. I thought I was going to get part 1 of Book 4 of The Rat Series posted yesterday! Then I kept falling asleep... It was already half done, so thought it would be a piece of cake to get it done.

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Could it be?

Was surfing around last night searching for Nick Lea news, and saw that he is listed as being in the new X-Files series. This would be way too awesome, if true.

Still loving my Fire. The freedom of internet surfing wherever I am; e-books; posting to LJ; what's not to love? Unfortunately, it also means super easy access to the list of Amazon deals. One of whose daily deals was the complete series of Burn Notice at a super awesome bargain price. Yep, I bought it even though I had no business doing so. I loved that show, but totally missed the final season. BTW, the Fire does indeed have an asterisk. I downloaded a free copy of Black Beauty as my copy was falling apart and now I can pitch it. Must say it's nice to have a bookmark that can't fall out!

Glad that Under the Dome and The Last Ship are back on. Finally, something to watch on tv.

Well I'd better finish watching my movie. Am watching Hatari! with John Wayne and Red Buttons. Then need to wash my uniform for tomorrow.

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I was going through some of my old emails that I hadn't read. It used to be that people would send me a lot of Forwards, and I just didn't have time to read them in those days. Plus, most of them weren't worth reading. A few people were pretty good about sending me those that really had meaning or were the type of humor they knew I liked so I never deleted the ones I got from them, intending to read them later. I came upon one that really got me thinking about the list of things that was in it. The first item on this list was: I've learned... the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'd been away for so long, that I can't remember the name of any of the sights to get greetings to post. They were all bookmarked on my now defunct desktop. We are having a mini winter storm, so didn't go get mom one of her favorite, usually forbidden fast-food meals to celebrate. Instead picked up a rotisserie chicken and some mashed potatoes so we could have 'Sunday Dinner' instead. When I was growing up, practically every Sunday we would have fried chicken, mashed potatoes with chicken gravy made with cream of chicken soup, and corn.

When I got home from work, what did I find stuffed behind the storm door? A surprise gift of The Philadelphia Experiment from morganslady! A huge THANK YOU m'dear! You made my day! I know what I will be doing tomorrow after work! I would have watched it tonight, but mom and I were trying to finish Season 2 of Millennium. We accomplished that, but now mom is all bummed over how it ended...

I already received my Jell-O substitute. They even threw in samples of two other flavors. I made some for us immediately, and it was delicious. I'm so glad I now can enjoy gelatin desserts again.

Well, I need to check mom's email. There are probably Valentine's greeting to her from my siblings. So until next time...
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Yep, I'm still here! So, so tired. Don't get much sleep anyway, but the past few nights have gotten no more than 1-1/2 hours per night. Last night, maybe an hour if I'm being generous. Doing mom's laundry right now, or else I'd be in bed. I think I could sleep, as I had just fallen asleep while watching a DVD when she called to say she was ready for bed. But now that I'm on the computer, I'll probably be wide awake all night from viewing the screen.

Not really a big Jell-O eater, but since I can't have it because of the gelatin, I've had a hankerin' for it. So I searched for a gelatin dessert that either uses plant-based gelatin or beef-based. Found a vegetarian option with good reviews so ordered some at Amazon. Also bought some Buffalo Wild Wings salt & vinegar seasoning powder so I can make my own wings. I also searched nick related stuff. You all probably already know this, but just in case you didn't, I found out The Philadelphia Experiment (the one with Nick obviously) is out on DVD! (The real whole reason for this post in the first place!) Can't wait to be able to afford it. Not that it's expensive, but right now I don't have two pennies to rub together. Then I zipped over to eBay to check out external floppy drives as I really need to replace my broken one.

Need to get my taxes done. Went to the library to pick up the forms only to find the government has decided to NOT provide the federal instruction booklet anymore to the libraries. WTF?! Trying to find out where the place is that low-income peeps like me can get them done for free. Had just seen where in a newspaper I'd snatched from the trash at work, but didn't make note since I do my own. Hah! Little did I know...

Well, the washer just stopped, so will go toss the stuff in the dryer and get Mom's meds and breakfast set up for tomorrow. Have to go after work tomorrow to get her insulin syringes and a few groceries and some stamps. Then home to feed her and get her into the shower. Then I think it will be bed again for me. I wish I could get more sleep. The house needs a good straightening up/cleaning. I've been neglecting it what with the fatigue and my pain levels being high.

Hope you are all doing well!
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Yee Haw!!

In a mere 3 days it will be a whole year since mom left the hospital and went into the nursing home for her 100 day useless stay. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR SINCE SHE HAS BEEN ADMITTED TO A HOSPITAL!!!!!! For the past 3 years, she's been admitted on average 3x/yr. And each stay averaged nearly two weeks. Just saw the doctor today and again he's said she is doing great (other than the mobility issues), and to keep on doing whatever we're doing. I may be depressed with my no-life resulting from having to care for her, but I am THRILLED.

Weather has been decent the past few days. Most of the snow has melted. Though there was some snow plow mound left which I had to kick down to get mom's wheelchair into the side yard and down the bank. We never did put in a proper front walkway. The relatives were doing so much already, that we decided to save the expense since even with the walkway to the road, I'd still have to bring her back via the side road and across the yard, because of the curb out front.

I keep beating my head against the brick wall by continually trying to get my laptop to function. IE goes nuts, Chrome crashes, and it doesn't have Firefox installed. I keep wondering if it would work properly with Firefox. What browser do you all use? Just curious.

You ever have those days when you look back at everything you've written and find out you used the wrong word for things in practically everything? You know, like using write for right as I did in my recent post ::headdesk:: . I mean, it's not like I don't know the difference. It's weird how the brain can know what one is saying, but the fingers type whatever the hell they want.

I think I forgot to mention Tiny House Nation as something mom and I are watching. I think I could easily live in a tiny house if it weren't for my books. How about you?

Must be off to bed. For once I don't have any laundry to do. Though there are dishes ... but they can wait, can't they?
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